DISCONTINUED - Nora Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier & Ventilator 12000 BTU, Wi-Fi

The Nora air conditioner is a powerful machine, with a recommended working area of up to 35m2. It is a 3 in 1 unit: air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan. <br><br>This air conditioner features 4-way fan direction control and a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU/3,520 W. Moreover, the dehumidification function allows you to keep humidity down with a dehumidification capacity of 28L per day. The Nora air conditioner is a mobile air conditioner with 360-degree wheels, with A-rated energy efficiency, washable filter, LED and touchscreen.
Max recommended working area m2 35
BTU/t 12,000
Sound level high, dB (A) 65
Dehumidification capacity, L/day 28.0
WiFi Connection Yes

Recommended for

Living room Kitchen Bedroom


The Nora air conditioner features the Scandinavian style of decor and is made with the European climate in mind. The Nora air conditioner is a powerful machine, with a recommended working area of up to 35 m2. This air conditioner features a 4-way fan direction control and a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU.

Nora's special talents
• 12000 BTU
• Window kit included
• Energy efficiency class A (2.61)
• Max. 65 dB(A)
• LED display and remote control
• 4-way directional control of the air fan
• 24-hour timer and Sleep mode
• Washable filter
• Recommended for: living room, bedroom, and kitchen

Wi-Fi - control your air conditioning via your phone
This product is equipped with Wi-Fi that allows you to control the unit via an app on your mobile phone, wherever you are. It is intelligent, flexible and innovative. The machine's app is compatible with Google Assistant.

Portable air conditioning with 24 hour timer
On hot summer days, Nora is perfect. With the clever 24-hour timer, you can easily and conveniently set your air conditioner to cool at the time of day when it suits you best. This way you can always return to a cool home – even in the worst of the summer heat.

An air conditioner with several functionalities
In addition to being a powerful air conditioner, Nora also has other talents. This air conditioner has several smart features in one and the same machine. When summer has gone and autumn and winter are approaching, the Nora air conditioner can be used as a dehumidifier. It even has a dehumidification capacity of 28 litres per day. This means that you get a multifunctional machine that doesn't have to be tucked away during the year. Nora features 4-way fan direction control and also acts as a ventilation fan.

Easy to connect - without making a hole in the wall
With a mobile air conditioner like Nora, you can quickly get started on getting fresh air. It does not require you to make a hole in the wall to get rid of the hot air. Nora comes with a smart window kit that consists of a nozzle and a plate that is placed in the window. After that, your Nora air conditioner is ready to provide cooling.
The Nora air conditioner has a washable filter, Sleep mode, LED display, and remote control. It is easy to move as it has practical and beautifully integrated handles and 4 robust 360 degree wheels

Nora - a quality product from eeese air care
Nora is part of the popular air conditioning range from eeese air care. All air conditioners in this range are created from the goal of the perfect synergy between solid knowledge of the European climate and the environment, stylish and streamlined Scandinavian design and the latest air conditioning and air cooling technology.

Nora’s specifications
Item no. 2525
Recommended working area m2 18-35
Cooling capacity BTU/h 12,000 (3520 W)
Power supply V/Hz 220-240/50
Power consumption (cooling) 1340
Rated currency (cooling) 6.0
Energy efficiency (EEA) Class A 2.61
IP code IPX0
COP 2.3
Refrigerant R290
Window kit included Yes
Max. sound level dB(A) ≤65
Dehumidification capacity L/day 28
Air circulation m3/h 400
Net weight kg 29
Gross weight kg 31
Product dimensions (WDH) mm 470x382x752
Package dimensions (WDH) mm 528x462x874
EAN 5704841025257