Mobile air solutions for a healthy home enviroment!

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Say hello to a fresh new indoor climate brand, dedicated to flexible and affordable mobile air conditioning solutions, to create a healthy indoor climate in your home – by dehumidifying, cleaning and cooling indoor air. In short, we are affordable mobile air treatment solutions that provide a healthy indoor climate in the home.

Affugter Emil


Here you will find our range of quiet, efficient dehumidifiers with high capacity and low power consumption. All streamlined, Scandinavian design, 360 degree wheels and integrated handles

Air cooler

Are you looking for an efficient air cooler in an elegant Scandinavian design? eeese air coolers ensure you and your family a healthy indoor climate. See the selection here

Aircondition Kaya


With an eeese air conditioner, there is not far from installation to use. See the mobile air conditioning in beautiful Scandinavian design, 360 degree Christmas and integrated handles here

Air Purifier Vigga

Air Purifier

With an eeese air purifier, you ensure yourself and your family a healthier indoor climate. It cleans the air and minimizes nuisance from allergens, pollen and particles from pets

Humidifier og Air Purifier Martha

Humidifier og Air Purifier

Do you have problems with dry air? Then a multifunctional machine which is both a humidifier and air purifier, is a really good buy to achieve a better indoor climate.

A healthier indoor climate with eeese!

At eeese we focus on the families. We know that in many homes there are computers, televisions, hoods that run several times a day. Food is cooked, bathed – in short – life is lived and everyday life is busy! Even if you breathe a lot, the temperature in summer can still be too hot, the indoor climate in autumn is still humid and the air in winter still feels dry. This allows children and adults to get dry cough, irritated mucous membranes and sleep problems. With this knowledge in focus, we have created products that all help to improve the indoor climate in the home.

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Our air conditioners and dehumidifiers contain refrigerant R290, which is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant than the fluorinated gases (HFCs) that have hitherto been used as refrigerants in air conditioners, dehumidifiers and many other machines. Refrigerant R290 has a global warming potential (GWP) of 3 which does not deplete the ozone layer.


At eeese we are experts in our trade and we are ready to help you find a retailer or answer your questions.

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